Picking potatoes

Today 017 and 018 picked some potatoes from our veggie garden. The potatoes were King Edwards. We picked them and then went to wash them. Then we went and chopped them up and tossed them in olive oil and then we roasted them in the baking tray with garlic and rosemary form our garden.

The Baby Chickens

Snowflake’s babies have grown a lot. The black ones have got a bit of brown on their chests. The orange ones have become speckled. Our class has been in the chook yard at lunch and play making the chicks friendly by picking them up and holding them.
By Kelsey

Our chooks are growing up

Watermelon competition

Watermelon creations

On Friday we planted some watermelons for a watermelon competition. We saw some videos about watermelons and how big they can get. We also saw carved watermelons and our class thought they were pretty good carved watermelons. We did a reading activity from the back of the packet from the watermelons and read the whole page and highlighted all the things that were important. We hope we have the biggest watermelon.

By Maria & Jordan

Broad Beans: From Seed to Table

Earlier in term 3 we planted broad bean seeds in our vegetable garden. We watched them grow, watered them, put stakes up for them to grow on, weeded around them, mulched and fed them. The best conditions for them to grow were; sunlight, water and good soil.
When it came time to harvest them, we picked some to sell and the rest to cook. We looked for a recipe that we could try and enjoy at school.
The day came and we ready to make Broad Bean Dip. It was good because we all got a turn at cooking it. Our first step was to boil them for 5 minutes. After blending all the ingredients into a puree we munched away happily with crackers.
It was worth waiting for them to grow. Everybody enjoyed the learning experience and most of us enjoyed tasting the dip.

Using our Compost

On Thursday Mrs Floyd’s class went to the chook pen to collect some compost. Zahli, Eilish & Julia helped Mrs Floyd take out the compost. Then Zahli entertained us while Mrs Floyd was empting the compost from the compost barrel to the barrow then Mrs Floyd almost tipped the barrow onto the ground. After that Mrs Floyd put it on the potatoes.

By Kirralee & Ben

Baby Chickens

Snowflake the hen from our group of chooks in our school has been sitting on some eggs. Some hatched on the weekend of October 11/12 and some hatched on Monday 13. Miss Potter took a black one because it was not under it’s mother and it was not looking well, so she warmed it up. It was so cute that she named it BB. She named it BB because her dog Biggles tried to eat it, it stands for Biggles Bait. Snowflake has been taking lots of care with them so they are growing very well. There where two black ones, two white ones and two orange ones. We think that none of the eggs are Snowflake’s. Snowflake is the white chook of the group. The little chickens are growing about ever three or four days.

By Lily and Eliza


On the 10th of October we cooked with some beetroot. This is how we made it.
1.    First we washed the beetroot.
2.    Then we peeled the beetroot.
3.    Then we sliced the beetroot.
4.    Then we put the beetroot in olive oil.
5.    Then we set the oven for 220ºC for 30 to 40 mins.
Mrs Floyd said that beetroot is also used in chocolate cake.  Mrs Floyd also said that you can boil little beetroot with their skin on and then you can peel it off with your fingers.

By Brody and Julia.

The Garden

On the 7th of October we went out in the garden to see what was growing in the garden. We saw the beetroot that was growing very nicely. So we picked it so we could cook it. We also pulled out the weeds that were in our garden. There were also some carrots out of the ground. The broad beans are growing really well and they are growing beans on the broad bean tree, they are still not ready to eat yet.

By Ben & Riley

Selling Our Vegetables

On the first Sunday of the holidays we put up a display of what we do in our garden at the opening of the new Strathfieldsaye Sports Ground.  We also sold some of our vegetables, like lettuces, silverbeet, salad mix and some parsley plants.  It was amazing how much we had to sell and we made about $55. Thanks to Emma, Lachlan and Rhys for helping.